Living a Happier, Healthier Life

Happiness is key. Cliche? Of course. True? Absolutely. Happy souls are healthy souls! I've changed up and added some things to my daily routine that really do have such a positive impact on my happiness and my life in general ↓↓


Just poppin' in to share some pictures of my pup and this easy to recreate outfit!

Meet Charlie

I wish all of you could jump through whatever you're reading this on to meet Charlie in person... he's the best (not biased 😜). He's a 12 week-old mini Goldendoodle and only ways a mere 12 pounds. He's so lovable and (sort of) a good listener. His fluffy little face is so hard to leave... going to school in the morning kills me. Anyhow, I'm so, so, so happy he's mine!