What to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media

With all the technology around, almost everything can be done/said with the push of a button. It's kinda scary when you really think about it, but at the same time, I think I'd be lost without my phone. I mean, Instagram is the main reason I'm able to promote my blog, texting helps me keep up with my friends, and Snapchat is just a goofy way for me to fool around (the toast filter is my favorite!!). 

But not everything's positive - there are some creepy people out there and nothing can be taken back after it's sent or posted. Especially as a teen, it's really hard to realize how permanent everything you do on your phone truly is - deleted texts aren't really gone, snapchats (or snaps??) are saved, and once you comment on an Instagram post (even if you delete it) it's always gonna be able to be traced back to you. Over the few years I've been on social media, I've started to compile a list of questions to ask myself before posting or sending something.

Would this upset my parents/family?
You don't have to ask yourself 'would I be fine showing this to my parents?' because it can be so uncomfortable when they get too into your social life... there's no denying it. Just make sure everything you do on your phone wouldn't disappoint your family or get you in trouble.

Is this going to hurt someone's feelings?
No one likes to see a picture of all their friends together when they weren't invited. No one wants to read a caption talking bad about something they enjoy. Be considerate of everyone that follows you - whether your account is public or only seen by friends.

Have fun, social butterflies! 🦋