The Best of Athletic Wear

I've been trying to make it a point to run more often. Granted time doesn't always allow or there are times when I'm too tired (excuses, excuses... I know), I don't make it to the treadmill every day, but I'm ok with that. It's not as much that I'm into burning calories or having a better-looking figure as it is that I think being able to run well really comes in handy. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to jogging on the beach in the morning. There's something about going for a run that's so refreshing - especially when you can do it without getting too out of breath.

What to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media

With all the technology around, almost everything can be done/said with the push of a button. It's kinda scary when you really think about it, but at the same time, I think I'd be lost without my phone. I mean, Instagram is the main reason I'm able to promote my blog, texting helps me keep up with my friends, and Snapchat is just a goofy way for me to fool around (the toast filter is my favorite!!). 

Old Navy Finds I've Been Loving Lately

I got a gift card to Old Navy for Christmas and I had the hardest time deciding what to buy - I loved everything (really, everything). They all-around kill it - their prices are great, their styles are great, their quality is great. They've got all the closet staples, all the trendy looks, all the stylish athletic wear.
My dad took me there to help him pick out a gift for my mom (he's a terrible shopper on his own), and my eyes were hopping all over the place - there were so many great things to choose from. I've rounded up my favorite pieces from Old Navy below - happy shopping!! 

A Hint of Plaid

Can someone please remind me why I live in New England again?! It's crazy outside right now... the wind, the snow, the cold. Although, I can't complain - school was canceled for the day, so I've been so productive! 

Anyyyyhowwww... I've been back to school for two days now, so it's been fun picking out and wearing some of my new outfits I got for Christmas - like this one! I'm usually not one for scarves, - they itch my neck and get in the way - but I got two new plaid ones as gifts and I love them! This one added the perfect pop of color to my outfit! 

The Book You NEED

Whew, and just like that, it's 2018! I'm excited to see what this year has in store for me, my relationships, and my family and friends. It's always cool to look back at how many things have changed over just 365 days - a lot! By the end of the year, I'll have - hopefully - gotten a little Goldendoodle puppy (wink wink nudge nudge Dad), completed middle school (which I will NOT miss), got my braces off (woohoo), and started high school!

*Not sponsored; solely written because I'm obsessed!*

Anyhow, I felt like I needed to pop on here to tell you how much I LOVE this book! My sister gave it to me as a Christmas gift, and I keep picking it up to flip through. The author gives the best tips on everything from how to make your teeth whiter to making iced coffee on your own, and I find it so interesting to look at all the illustrations that go with each topic. (While I was looking for the link to the book on Amazon, I'm considering buying all her other ones. Someone convince me otherwise - I'm already broke.) I'm a sucker for a good storyline in a book, but a little light reading like in this certainly doesn't hurt, not to mention this thing is my lifeline - I swear I've flipped through it 100 times in a week looking for different pieces of advice.