Calligraphy Without a Fancy Pen

I figured out how to write in calligraphy over the summer (thank you YouTube), and every time I do, I get a million and one questions; "How the heck do you do that?" "Can you teach me?" "Where did you learn that?" It's kind of turned into my own personal talent at school, as no one else can figure out how to do it, but I guess it's time to spill the beans. I'm a little reluctant to say this because some of my friends think I'm Supergirl, but it's super simple to do, and I use it all. the. time. It's quite fun, too! Granted some of you are probably masters already or have looked it up on YouTube just as I did, here's a short little tutorial on how to take your fancy writing game to the next level:

1. All you have to do first is just write the phrase/word/whatever makes you happy in cursive. Yep, it's that simple. One tip: the better your cursive is, the better your calligraphy will come out as a finished product! 

2. Wherever you write downwards, trace over those lines thicker than the others.
I made a short little video to demonstrate this, as it's kind of hard to pick up on by just reading. This is my first video ever put on my Youtube Channel... my abilities to put together and edit videos are embarrassingly awful. I apologize in advance. 

Finished product ^^^^ Walaaaaaaaa!

As for pens, I just use this thin Sharpie. Eventually, I think it would be fun to get an official calligraphy pen, so I've been looking into this one if you're interested! 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear how you made out if you tried this, so leave me a comment below or send me an Instagram message!