The Healthier Alternative to Ice Cream

My true superpower? I'm a killer ice cream eater. I'm not a fan of cake, brownies, or pies, but man do I love ice cream. At parties, my extended family makes fun of me for only eating fruits and vegetables and turning down baked goods, but they don't see the ice cream I eat after they leave. (Oops!) Yep, I'm even eating some right now - but a way healthier alternative. I'm so glad I discovered Arctic Zero; an ice cream brand that's lactose free, gluten free, GMO free, and low fat. When I got the 2017 flavors in the mail to sample, I was so skeptical of trying them (as I wasn't a fan of the Halo Top ice cream). When I took my first bite of the Rocky Road Trip flavor, I immediately regretted my hesitation. Arctic Zero tastes exactly like any other ice cream you would normally purchase, but 100x healthier! And did I mention you can have it shipped frozen right to your door?! (Best birthday gift ever!!) It's no fun to never allow yourself to eat what you love, but with Arctic Zero, I can satisfy my sweet tooth and still enjoy my favorite frozen treat!

Thank you, Arctic Zero, for sponsoring this post.