Girls... Being Encouraging

 I always wonder why there are so many blogs out there, but I can never find any to read that talk about everyday, awkward, random situations. Honestly, I'd much rather read about conversation starters or ways to be a good, genuine person than about someone's new Gucci clothes I could never afford and their hours spent in the gym (my personal opinion). I've been thinking for months about starting a series for girls to discuss the things they've experienced and as a place for me to share the few little things that I've learned about life so far, and I'm so glad to finally be putting my thoughts into action. I love receiving advice and wisdom from others (as most all of my readers are older than me), so if you have a post idea you would like to see addressed or any form of advice that's worth sharing - please, please, please email me or send me a message via Instagram!

Yesterday on the bus, I listened to two girls bicker back and forth and back and forth about the littlest things, and it made me so sad. Honestly, there are way too many disagreements between girls at my school, and the b-word is tossed around A LOT. I mean, why is it so hard to just be kind and compassionate and understanding?! Everyone has their struggles that no one else knows about, and I feel like us girls pounce on each other wayyyy to quickly for the smallest little things. (Yep, I'm guilty sometimes.) Why do we so often feel the need to criticize each other? Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying that all we ever do is be mean because that's certainly not the case, but I feel as though our gender, in particular, is much more personally competitive with each other than the boys. (Though, I guess all boys care about is how good they are at sports?!) We hate when others are smarter than us, prettier than us, more athletic than us - and all I can do is wonder why??!! Every girl in the universe is unique and special in her own way, and if we can all find our best traits and confide in them, I can only imagine how happy everyone will be! ...And as my mom says - always try your hardest to be the best you you can be!

Happy almost Friday!!