Sunday, June 25, 2017

Planning Ahead

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! As some of my fellow bloggers are going on vacations and don't have the time to be constantly online, I'm here to document how planning and scheduling posts can be a lifesaver if you run a blog of your own! 

To start off, you're probably wondering why it's important to be adding new content to your blog weekly. As a reader of a few blogs myself, I always look forward to new posts and what they have to offer. If I don't hear anything from the writer, I get disappointed, and sometimes a little bit frustrated. Adding new photos, posts, and features always give your followers and readers a little something to look forward to! This being said, I typed up a little checklist that every blogger should think about at some point. It is listed below. Contact me here if you would like the PDF version to print out! 

 Before starting the week, you should always have all your posts planned out. Ask yourself:
- What outfit am I going to wear that will be featured?
- When am I going to take photos for the post?
- What is the post's main idea going to be about?
- When is the post going to go up on my blog? 

I also recommend you keep a binder and/or planner that has your weekly and monthly blogging schedule! If you follow these guidelines regularly and never get behind on posts, I can promise that you will have stress-free vacations, while still keeping your readers satisfied! 

To wrap up today's post, I have featured one of my favorite comfortable summer dresses from J.Crew Factory! (The dress is only available in girls size.) Enjoy! 

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