Behind the Blog

Hi everyone! Since I just started blogging a little under two months ago and have never truly revealed much information about me, I thought a Q & A post would be perfect for this weekend! I have been asked a few questions over social media, and hope that by answering them, you will get to know me and my style a little bit better! 

How old are you? 
I am 13 years old. I know - most other bloggers are much older; but if we set age aside, all that matters is the quality of your content. I felt that blogging would be something I would love and be talented at, which brings me into my next question...

Why did you start your blog? 
I started my blog as my creative outlet - where I can share my love for prep, communicate with other individuals, and be artistic! Beforehand, I felt as if I lacked a passion and true hobby, but now I think I have finally found it!

Where do you live?
I live in New England! As much as I hate the long, cold winters, I love it here because of all the scenic houses, little shops, and beautiful lakes! 

What is the best aspect of representing companies?
This is a tough one, but I have to say that just the honor being able to represent a brand is the best. I am so thrilled to help promote as many companies as possible, and being given the opportunity is awesome to me! If you would like me to do a full blog post about the positives and negatives of becoming a brand representative, please let me know! 

How did you become a brand representative?
This varies based on different companies. Sashka Co. and Beautiful Baleine (two of the companies I represent) have application forms you must fill out to become an ambassador, whereas Southern Girl Prep has a certain time you can apply, but they only pick a limited amount of people. In this case, I would definitely recommend following the company's social media pages, so that you never miss the opportunity to apply! Some other companies require you to email them about ambassadorships personally. 

What is your favorite makeup brand? 
Truth be told, I don't wear any makeup! Every once in a while, I put on a little waterproof mascara from Maybelline, but I never use any foundation, highlighter, or even eyeliner. Every morning, I simply wash my face and apply moisturizer... That's all! 

What are your summer plans? 
I don't have a lot going on this summer, which is kind of nice! On the weekends, I hope to go up to the lake, and I will spend my weekdays on the beach or at the pool. For one week in the summer, I am headed to Cape Code for a mini vacation! I will keep you posted about everything fun I am doing over my summer break! 

Currently, what is your favorite trend? 
Too hard to pick from, but I love the off-the-shoulder looktassels, gingham (like the off-the-shoulder top), and bow shorts! 

 Earrings (picture by TasselbyAddy)