Thursday, November 16, 2017

Going Back to My Original Intentions

I started blogging because I love to write and I think it's so neat to be able to share all the random little thoughts that go through my head and all the things that I love, but as I sit here staring at a blank post, having no idea what to write about, I'm realizing that I've strayed really far from those original intentions. What I truly love more than anything else in the whole world are my friends and family, but I don't think I've ever mentioned them before. I keep asking myself: If practically my whole world revolves around the people that are special to me, am I really writing about all the aspects of my life?! And the answer is no... absolutely not. Up until a few days ago, I hadn't directly told any of my friends about my blog, and I'm pretty sure that was so wrong of me... they deserve to know. Now that I've leaked what once was my biggest secret, I feel so relieved and, in a way, free. Don't get me wrong, the primary focus of my blog will still remain about fashion, but I think it will be a lot more relatable and enjoyable to read if I bring in some other real people, so meet these incredibly special individuals:


Dad // Anyone that personally knows him knows that he's a total goof. He's the one to go to when you want a laugh or any football statistics (go Pats!!), but he's pretty great at just being a friend, too. I truly think that I was blessed with the best dad on the planet (sorry guys) and wouldn't trade him for the world.

Mom // She's behind the camera, in the kitchen, on the sidelines, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. She always listens, is the family cheerleader, and serves as my best friend (until she has to parent, that is). My mom is the bomb.

Molly // Thank God for older sisters... Molly has been my best buddy since day one. She is ridiculously athletic and cares so much for others - two of the things I admire the most.

Andrew // I don't even know where to start with this little dude. Some days I spend playing with him for hours and other days he makes me want to rip my hair out. I think it's the fact that we're so alike that makes it harder for us to always get along, but we make things work. We get closer and closer the older we get. Hopefully he'll grow out of his football obsession soon so he won't constantly ask me to play - that causes major controversy.


Emily // Everyone that sees her adorable little face becomes instantly obsessed. My sweet Emmy is the so precious, sweet, and feisty. I could snuggle with her all day long.


Morgan // Morgan found my Instagram account and blog without me even telling her, and now that she knows I feel so much better. She's so supportive and sweet and is someone I'll always know I can count on!

Samantha // Sam is one of the smartest people I know, both in academics and in social situations. She always has the best advice to offer when I'm in need of a second opinion, but she doesn't act like too much of a mama bear. I could spend hours talking to her about the deepest conversations and then go play outside like little kids, so I always treasure my time with her.

Liv // Liv is the goofy friend. She's crazy good at sports, loves to crack jokes, and never fails to make me laugh. She's one of those people I can wear sweatpants around, and that's important. Oh, and she's embarrassingly taller than me - I'm going to need to hit five feet to even have a chance.

I do have a few other close friends that either didn't want to be mentioned individually or have yet to find out about Prepster in Pearls, but I think that even just having these people on board will really make blogging that much more fun for me (even though I love it as is) and bring on some new possibilities!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Peek Into My Week

I'm so excited to be writing this post right now that I think I could make it like six pages long. I've sort of been staying away from personal posts lately because it seems kind of boring to read about my life lately; consisting mainly of school, early bedtimes, and lazy weekends. This week, however, I feel like I have so many random things to share, from my excitement for the holidays to the items I've been eyeing lately.

1. I only have a 3 1/2 day week this week - a half day today and no school tomorrow. I've taken so many tests and done so many projects that this short break is much-needed. I'll admit that I actually do like going to school and being productive, but this week I felt overwhelmed by all the tests I had on material that didn't want to stick with me. I studied hard, drilled everything into my brain, and am now done with work for the next three days! Woohoo!!

2. I'm so torn between going into full-on Christmas mode or waiting for Thanksgiving to pass before I start getting into the spirit. Is anyone else having this dilemma, or is it just me? I'm so proud of myself for not listening to one single Christmas song yet or asking my mom to buy candy canes, but every day I feel the urge to more and more. The holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year, so I start celebrating the second after the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are cleaned up. I try to always enjoy my Thanksgiving without worrying about Christmas just yet so I can fully embrace everything the two different occasions have to offer. (That sounds so corny.) All my other friends that are holding off on celebrating - we can do this!!

3. You may have already seen on my Instagram story on Tuesday, but I just got a new haircut! I cut a few inches off and had it layered to get rid of the shaggy look...finally. My hair feels so light and healthy! 

4. I just ordered this new Shep Shirt from Vineyard Vines, and I don't think you can get any better. Navy and stripes? Yes, please!

5. This L.L.Bean flannel scores a 10/10 in my book. I've seen so many bloggers wearing it, and it looks just as good in person, if not better than it does in their photos and on the store website. The quality is incredible, and I got so many compliments while wearing it.

6. Playbuzz quizzes have been taking up wayyy too much time in my life right now. I mindlessly scroll through Pinterest and come across a pin for one, so, I mean, why would I not want to know what my best character trait is or what pet type is meant for me?! I really need to stop... there are so many more productive things I could be doing. But hey, they're a fun way to kill time if you're bored.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Calligraphy Without a Fancy Pen

I figured out how to write in calligraphy over the summer (thank you YouTube), and every time I do, I get a million and one questions; "How the heck do you do that?" "Can you teach me?" "Where did you learn that?" It's kind of turned into my own personal talent at school, as no one else can figure out how to do it, but I guess it's time to spill the beans. I'm a little reluctant to say this because some of my friends think I'm Supergirl, but it's super simple to do, and I use it all. the. time. It's quite fun, too! Granted some of you are probably masters already or have looked it up on YouTube just as I did, here's a short little tutorial on how to take your fancy writing game to the next level:

1. All you have to do first is just write the phrase/word/whatever makes you happy in cursive. Yep, it's that simple. One tip: the better your cursive is, the better your calligraphy will come out as a finished product! 

2. Wherever you write downwards, trace over those lines thicker than the others.
I made a short little video to demonstrate this, as it's kind of hard to pick up on by just reading. This is my first video ever put on my Youtube Channel... my abilities to put together and edit videos are embarrassingly awful. I apologize in advance. 

Finished product ^^^^ Walaaaaaaaa!

As for pens, I just use this thin Sharpie. Eventually, I think it would be fun to get an official calligraphy pen, so I've been looking into this one if you're interested! 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear how you made out if you tried this, so leave me a comment below or send me an Instagram message! 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Girl Talk - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

After reading about Dia&Co's primary focus and mission, it really hit me hard how many people deal with negative body images and are therefore worried about wearing things that aren't 100% in their "safe zone." I discovered that every Friday at their office they have what's called a "Try-Day Friday" - in which everyone at their workplace wears an article of clothing that's edgy, out of their comfort zone, or something they would be worried about wearing on a regular basis. That's genius. I wore a ribbon in my hair to school the other day (that I personally loved) and after getting on the bus with it in, I was so nervous that other people would make a mockery of it. Granted that's just a hair accessory and not baggy pants or a crazy-patterned top, it was still unsettling not knowing what others were going to think. After a day at school, having received multiple compliments on it, I drew a major conclusion.

Why should I even care what others think??

I was kind of mad at myself for being so apprehensive about wearing it. I loved my ribbon and thought it was so cute, so it shouldn't have mattered what others would say. (Oh, and I kind of started a trend... the next day I saw multiple girls from my school with ribbons in their hair!! 😏) It's no fun to always play it safe and never try new styles or clothing because of your figure. As a whole, this goes for all aspects of life, so have a little fun and try something new - a new exercise, type of food, hairstyle; anything big or small! 

Image result for a ship is always safe at shore

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lightly Layered for Fall

I just realized that I haven't posted any fashion posts in forever, and I miss them. I kind of feel like a robot during the week - I wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, go to sports, shower, eat dinner, and then go to bed. Fun day, I know. I try to always wear nice outfits to school, but when the weekend comes around, and I finally have the time to take pictures, all I feel like wearing are sweatpants. But don't worry... I'm back, and so are my outfits!! 

As it's so comfortable and yet still presentable (which I feel like I say about everything I wear), this outfit has been a favorite of mine for so many years now. I'm a big fan of chambray oxfords - a definite necessity for a fall/winter/spring wardrobe. I love wearing it with my white cardigan and simple black leggings. Oh, and these shoes (similar)... best footwear ever for crummy weather. I love that they're high enough to cover my ankles and feet from light snow and rain but low enough to easily slip on and off! Have a great weekend!

Cardigan  |  Leggings  |  Shoes

My top picks of chambray oxfords:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Healthier Alternative to Ice Cream

My true superpower? I'm a killer ice cream eater. I'm not a fan of cake, brownies, or pies, but man do I love ice cream. At parties, my extended family makes fun of me for only eating fruits and vegetables and turning down baked goods, but they don't see the ice cream I eat after they leave. (Oops!) Yep, I'm even eating some right now - but a way healthier alternative. I'm so glad I discovered Arctic Zero; an ice cream brand that's lactose free, gluten free, GMO free, and low fat. When I got the 2017 flavors in the mail to sample, I was so skeptical of trying them (as I wasn't a fan of the Halo Top ice cream). When I took my first bite of the Rocky Road Trip flavor, I immediately regretted my hesitation. Arctic Zero tastes exactly like any other ice cream you would normally purchase, but 100x healthier! And did I mention you can have it shipped frozen right to your door?! (Best birthday gift ever!!) It's no fun to never allow yourself to eat what you love, but with Arctic Zero, I can satisfy my sweet tooth and still enjoy my favorite frozen treat!

Thank you, Arctic Zero, for sponsoring this post. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Girl Talk - Being Encouraging

 I always wonder why there are so many blogs out there, but I can never find any to read that talk about everyday, awkward, random situations. Honestly, I'd much rather read about conversation starters or ways to be a good, genuine person than about someone's new Gucci clothes I could never afford and their hours spent in the gym. I've been thinking for months about starting a series for girls to discuss the things they've experienced and as a place for me to share the few little things that I've learned about life so far, and I'm so glad to finally be putting my thoughts into action. I love receiving advice and wisdom from others (as most all of my readers are older than me), so if you have a post idea you would like to see addressed or any form of advice that's worth sharing - please, please, please email me or send me a message via Instagram!

Yesterday on the bus, I listened to two girls bicker back and forth and back and forth about the littlest things, and it made me so sad. Honestly, there are way too many disagreements between girls at my school, and the b-word is tossed around A LOT. I mean, why is it so hard to just be kind and compassionate and understanding?! Everyone has their struggles that no one else knows about, and I feel like us girls pounce on each other wayyyy to quickly for the smallest little things. (Yep, I'm guilty sometimes.) Why do we so often feel the need to criticize each other? Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying that all we ever do is be mean because that's certainly not the case, but I feel as though our gender, in particular, is much more personally competitive with each other than the boys. (Though, I guess all boys care about is how good they are at sports?!) We hate when others are smarter than us, prettier than us, more athletic than us - and all I can do is wonder why??!! Every girl in the universe is unique and special in her own way, and if we can all find our best traits and confide in them, I can only imagine how happy everyone will be! ...And as my mom says - always try your hardest to be the best you you can be!

Happy almost Friday!!